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Why Us?

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Can You Relate To This?

Organizing your trips and staying sane while you’re on the road drains so much of your energy that you need another vacation to recover.

Booking trips via third-party websites can be awfully time-consuming, and you never have anyone to turn to for personalized advice or support. 

You walk in the dark blindfolded hoping that things won’t go wrong. There’s a much better way to travel though.

My name is Christine Earls and I’m the owner of You and Me by the Sea. I have over 30 years of expertise in customer service and a passion for travel that enables me to guide my clients from dreams to destinations while they create vacation memories that last a lifetime.

As your personal travel concierge, my job is to ensure that every detail of your vacation is handled personally, professionally and with an in-siders knowledge that is focused on delivering you an experience that is uniquely perfect for you.

When planning your vacation, my mission is to take the stress, the hassle, and guesswork out of your hands.  Here are just a few reasons why clients turn to You and Me By the Sea time and time again to plan their vacation get-aways. 



Why Work With Us?

  • First-hand Travel Experience: At You and Me By the Sea, we have an expansive, worldwide network of vetted partners and suppliers to ensure you get top-notch services whenever and wherever we book your travel. We use local knowledge and contacts to create tailor-made experiences that go far beyond your expectations. 

  • White-Glove Concierge: We provide white-glove concierge services, which means that we’re not satisfied until you are thrilled and all your needs, wishes, and desires are addressed. We never plan your vacation and hope for the best – we deliver the best. That is why our clients keep coming back to plan future events and vacation stays.  Read just some of our client testimonials here

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Second only to planning your vacation is having on-the-ground support while your away so that anything you need during your trip can be handled quickly by our team.  Booking your trip with our team gives you a direct, single point of before, during and after your trip to ensure a smooth and immeasurably pleasant experience. 

  • Streamlined Trip Planning: Information overload is always part of planning a trip and sometimes you are just not confident you are getting the right deal or booking the right arrangements.  We simplify your options and provide you only with the most relevant, top-rated choices and well spelled out details to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. We save you time and all the guesswork, so you can have more time to kick back and enjoy yourself.

  • 24/7 Crisis Management: Unfortunately, sometimes cancellations, weather emergencies, and other forces of nature can interrupt your plans prior to departure or may need to be dealt with while you are away. Having our team as your boots on the ground helps to eliminate the stress of unforeseen circumstances.  While you still go about your business, we handle the situation expertly and efficiently – from making changes and adjustments to your travel arrangements to ensuring your safety and comfort and everything in between. 

  • Competitive Rates: There’s a misconception that working with a travel agent drives costs up. In fact, because of our expert travel knowledge and vast network of suppliers, we can often save you money as well as providing you with unexpected options, bonuses and perks available. The convenience of having our services more than pays for any services costs by handling details that save you time, money and improve your vacation experience. 


Christine Earls

Proudly Representing

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Enjoy your vacation, Leave the rest to us!

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